XAIN enables secure and trusted human to machine interactions

The XAIN Foundation aims to accelerate the adoption and development of FROST by fostering a community around the technology and supporting the creation of use cases.

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Our origins

The XAIN Foundation was established as a “Stichting” (Foundation) under Dutch law in May 2018 by the leadership team of XAIN AG to serve as a separate and independent entity from XAIN AG.

The foundation acts as open-source administrator of the FROST Technology Stack, which consists of the FROST Language, the Proof-of-Kernel-Work consensus (PoKW), and related technology components.

Our Community

The XAIN Foundation is convening an ecosystem around the FROST Technology consisting of three layers:

The Network Layer

We are collaborating with nodes, developers, miners and providers of trust signals to establish and maintain the immutability of the main network. We believe that information transparency is paramount and strive to provide complete documentation for our users and clients. This includes a wiki, research papers and developer resources.

The Application Layer

We are bringing together corporate partners and dApp developers to build FROST-based technology

The Market Layer

We help identify and implement business opportunities that allow individual and corporate users to share and monetize their data and resources directly and in a manner, that addresses privacy needs.

Meet our Team

View profiles of the XAIN Foundation board management team.

Leif-Nissen Lundbæk

Co-Founder & Board Member

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Academically trained as a mathematician and cryptographer, Leif-Nissen Lundbæk founded the company, XAIN AG at the age of 24, as result of working on his computer science PhD thesis at Imperial College London and his M.Sc. in Software Engineering at the University of Oxford.

He previously studied Economics, Computer Science, and Applied Mathematics at two elite German Universities: Humboldt University Berlin and Heidelberg University.
His visionary work focused mainly on trusted distributed computing through Reinforcement Learning in cryptographic systems such as Blockchains.
During his studies, he worked as a Cryptography and Analytics Engineer at Mercedes-Benz, IBM, and UniCredit.

Felix Hahmann

Co-Founder & Board Member

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Felix Hahmann has started his career in the IT of E.ON and IBM. As such, he continued his career as an IT Project Manager at Mercedes-Benz, while graduating in Computer Science.

With Blockchain technology he came in touch in 2013 already through crypto currencies in the first place and experimented with mining and digged deeper into blockchain and distributed technologies. Further, he led various startup projects where he received his first experience in Blockchain technology and, thus,
co-founded the XAIN AG as a member of the Executive Board and as the Chief Operation Officer.

Simon Schwerin

Co-Founder & Board Member

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Simon Schwerin is an accomplished professional in matters of blockchain and privacy who has worked in the blockchain-for-industries space for more than three years. Having written his Master’s thesis with particular attention to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), he holds an M.Sc. in Business Intelligence and Process Management from Berlin School of Economics and Law.

He is a founding member of the XAIN Foundation and the biggest German blockchain lobbying group Bundesblock. He previously worked in business strategy and project management at BigchainDB. He also has experience in the financial and IT-consulting sector

Get in touch with us

The XAIN Foundation is based in the Netherlands. If you want to know more about the XAIN Foundation, the Team or our Technology, we welcome you to get in touch with us. Please use the contact form below.